Did you know?
National Youth HIV/AIDS Awareness Day!

Today is National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day (NYHAAD). This observance brings together young leaders, national community partners and many other organizations and individual nation-wide to foster a better response to the HIV epidemic.
Facts (according to the Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention at the CDC)
  • 1 in 4 of all new HIV infections is among youth ages 13-24
  • 54% of new infections among young gay and bisexual males are African-American
  • 60% of all youth with HIV do not even know they are infected
  • 86% of young females contracted HIV through heterosexual sex and 13% from Injection Drug Use
The Nassau-Suffolk HIV Health Services Planning Council recently completed a HIV/AIDS Youth Needs Assessment for Long Island.  Some key recommendations for parents, educators and practitioners are:
  • Be engaged in your child’s health and treatment
  • Educate youth early about safe sex, the risks of unprotected sex and the emotional aspects of sex. (Begin at age 10 to 11 in the 5thor 6thgrade)
  • Incorporate the needs of an LGBT individual in their treatment, always exploring the co-existence of substance abuse and mental health issues, and if present, intervening early
  • Accept your child’s sexual orientation or gender identity, and know that acceptance is crucial to their well-being, and can prevent suicide attempts, depression, substance abuse and unprotected sexual intercourse
For a copy of the results of this assessment please click on our Resources page.  For other information and resources on Youth and HIV/AIDS please click on the link below.