The Planning Council has five committees: Executive Committee, Strategic Assessment & Planning Committee; Quality Assurance & Membership Committee; Finance Subcommittee; and Consumer Involvement Subcommittee. Although each committee works towards its own goals and objectives as mentioned below, the majority of the Planning Councils work is done here at the committee level. 

Committee Descriptions:

Consumer Involvement Subcommittee (CIC):
This Subcommittee reports to the QAM Committee and works to address the issues affecting people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) from a consumer point of view. Part of the mission of this group is to encourage outreach, education, empowerment and advocacy for PLWHA. Membership is restricted to consumers only.

Executive Committee:
This committee handles all administrative functions associated with internal management and budget review, grant application, reporting and oversight, coordination with other HIV consortia, planning and coordinating bodies; and procedures for Council record keeping and functions. This Committee also annually reviews the Council’s Bylaws and reviews and evaluates the annual grant application and the Minority AIDS Initiative Application grant application. As per the Bylaws, members of the Executive Committee hold current Chair positions of the PC, SAP, QAM, and CIC committees. All other members are appointed by the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Planning Council as needed.

Finance Subcommittee:
This Subcommittee reports to the SAP Committee and is responsible for the allocation of funds to the priorities established by the SAP Committee. No member of this Subcommittee can work for or be affiliated with an agency that is a recipient of Ryan White Part A funds. 

Quality Assurance & Membership Committee (QAM):
This Committee is responsible for evaluating how well services meet community needs; identifying, reviewing and recommending members to the Planning Council; managing the established Council grievance process; and conducting an annual assessment of the administrative mechanism in the region. This Committee works closely with the Consumer Involvement Subcommittee to increase participation and involvement of infected/affected people and communities in Planning Council activities. 

Strategic Assessment & Planning Committee (SAP):
This committee establishes and reviews statistical data and develops estimates of the HIV/AIDS population and their service needs. The Committee also sets priorities for the region and approves the amount of funding allocated to each priority by the Finance Subcommittee. In addition, this Committee assists with the development of the Comprehensive Service Plan for the region. 

How to apply:

If you are interested in lending your voice and becoming a member of the committee, please fill out a membership application today.

The membership process includes completing an application for membership and including a resume or bio with one letter of character reference.

Once completed, the Quality Assurance & Membership Committee reviews all applications and interviews potential applicants on an on-going basis.

Following interviews, members’ names are sent to the Planning Council for a final vote on membership. If approved by the Planning Council, those applicants’ packets are sent to the Health Commissioner of the county in which they reside for appointment. 


Attend a Meeting!

There are plenty of ways to get involved here with the Planning Council. The best way to find out what you're interested in is to attend one of our many public meetings. Call JoAnn Henn 631-940-3723 for more information including upcoming dates of the Planning Council, SAP or QAM Committee. Tell her that you heard about the Council through the website.