Clara Crawford has been a Planning Council member since 2016. She joined the Council in order to become more informed and learn more about the virus. She actively participates on most of the Council’s committees providing valuable insight and assistance when needed. As a member of the World AIDS Day Committee she was part of the event planning process, making raffle baskets, and speaking at the event.

Clara has been involved in outreach for more than 35 years, specifically in the HIV/AIDS community since 1987. She loves helping people, as evidenced by her warm smile and volunteering efforts. Now retired, she volunteers at her church, working with the bible school.

When she is not busy helping others, Clara enjoys walking, reading the bible and spending time with her grandchildren. Her favorite movies are those starring Tyler Perry.

When asked why the fight against AIDS is so important, Clara responded that she has seen what this disease can do. She has been infected and affected by it. She wants everyone to know what they are doing with their bodies.