Ms. Traci Shelton is the current co-Chair of the Quality Assurance & Membership Committee and began another term as a Planning Council member in 2017 after taking a year off. Traci joined the Planning Council to educate herself and others on the importance of Ending the HIV Epidemic (ETE). To that end, she participates in the Ending the Epidemic committees and NYLINKS Long Island Regional Group.

Traci has been working at Options for Community Living as a Care Navigator since 2016 and is one of forty-five graduates of the very first class of the New York State Peer Certification Program. This rigorous program is not for the faint of heart. It includes 90 hours of training including a three day pre-certification course, choosing a certification track (HIV, HepC, or Harm Reduction), a passing score on the Knowledge Assessment, and 500 hour work practicum, carrying out specific competencies related to chosen certification track.

Traci loves the Lord and is happy most of the time which is evident by her contagious smile and infectious laughter. She enjoys watching movies with her grandkids while sharing a big bowl of buttered popcorn.  And the Band Played On, which is based upon the book by San Francisco Chronicle journalist, Randy Shilts about the then burgeoning AIDS crisis is a favorite of Traci’s.

The fight against AIDS is very important to Traci because she describes herself as a survivor; adding sadly, that she has lost many family members and friends to the disease. She truly cares.

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