Dr. Anthony Santella joined the Planning Council to make a difference and has recently begun his term as Chair of the Council.  As a trained HIV researcher and evaluator, Dr. Santella hopes to use his skills in health research and data to understand and make changes to HIV care and treatment on Long Island.

Since 2003, Anthony has had a variety of public health roles involving HIV/AIDS, ranging from community health educator and research assistant at Emory University’s Hope Clinic to Director of Ryan White Policy, Planning, and Implementation at the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Currently, an Associate Professor of Public Health at Hofstra University, Dr. Santella has a Masters and a Doctoral Degree in Public Health.  He has conducted HIV prevention and care research at Long Island University as well as the University of Sydney.


Anthony is a world traveler, having visited about 50 countries and 6 continents. He is a very proud dog parent, with many pictures to substantiate that claim. Another interesting fact is that he played the French horn for ten years and seriously considered a career in music performance.

When asked, “What is your favorite movie and or book? Anthony replied, Silence of the Lambs, he loves the suspense.

The fight against AIDS is important. As both a gay man with friends living with HIV/AIDs and a public health scientist, Anthony feels strongly that is important for him to use his professional skills to help his community. Over the past fourteen years, he has seen much progress with biomedical advances such as once a day therapies and PrEP.  He feels we need to do a better job in health behavior change and hopes to use his training in public health to make a difference in keeping those living with HIV and at-risk for HIV healthy and happy.