Joe Pirone is a 62 year old man, living with advanced HIV Disease, AIDS, who was born and educated in Westchester County.  He moved to New York City, where he had lived for the majority of his professional career, to pursue a studied career in marketing and planning.

Joe is currently the Chair of the Nassau-Suffolk HIV Health Services Planning Council and actively participates on all of the Planning Council’s committees. In addition to the duties of the Planning Council, HRSA and the NYS DOH AIDS Institute, Joe is also an HIV Peer Educator for the Suffolk Project for AIDS Resource Coordination and Stony Brook Hospital. In this role, he uses his skills and experience to help others navigate the complex web of HIV medical care and support services.

To keep track of all of his meetings, appointments, and personal information, Joe maintains a "day minder" that is legendary! People who are familiar with Joe’s “day minder”, believe it is "typed".  The book is not only detailed and color coded but it is also illustrated and immaculately printed.

When asked about his favorite book or movie, Joe points to anything provided by the public library system. “Where else in the world, can you find the free distribution of information, art and literature?”

Now semi-retired and living in Babylon, Joe devotes his time and talents to advancing the cause of HIV health services and the rights of the LGBTQ community and maintains a very busy schedule of meetings and professional obligations. “The fight against AIDS is important to me because I am personally affected by it. The devastation of the early years of AIDS have left a deep, personal scar on my psyche. 
Looking at all the advances we have made against AIDS, I realize that with the dissemination of information, with political activism, and with vigilance we can end the epidemic.”