Marci Egel, a long term survivor of more than thirty years, has been a strong advocate since her beloved husband passed away in 1995. Prior to being an education and outreach specialist at Thursday’s Child Inc., Ms. Egel has sat on the board of Nassau Suffolk Law Services Board of Directors and has worked and volunteered at PWAC LI, LIAAC, and North Shore Hospital.

Marci Egel chose to join the Planning Council in order to be, in her words, on the Front Line of fighting HIV/AIDS. She wants to help make sure that those individuals affected by the disease are aware of the resources and benefits available to help them stay healthy. She also sits on all committees and has been the World AIDS Day chair for the past couple of years.


Marci has been doing education and outreach since a friend convinced her to get off the couch and do something and she hasn’t stopped since. Any class, training, workshop or learning opportunity that becomes available on Long Island, Marci signs ups. She led a workshop at a conference in San Francisco and Chicago on Being HIV+ and in recovery. Ms. Egel has been interviewed by News12 three times.

She wears many hats and is always busy. Ms. Egel has been recognized on numerous occasions for her dedication and commitment. She has received a Certificate of Achievement from Suffolk County Executive, Steven Bellone, was the recipient of the Robert Perez-Sulsona Community Service Award at the 2017 World AIDS Day event, and was honored as one of the 100 women celebrated in the December POZ issue celebrating the contributions of women in the fight against HIV.

Her latest endeavor, with the support of Thursday’s Child, is the creation of a Long Term Survivor (LTS) fun support group. The fun support group will provide opportunities for Long Term Survivors to socialize and support each other while doing fun activities. Though connected by this common bond, it will not be the focus of this group.

Ms. Egel is very hands-on, literally. If not advocating or educating, she loves to work with her hands, it can be a craft project, gardening, or changing her home décor to match the season. Mz. Peaches, her cat, is her furry companion. Her favorite movie is Rent, one of the first to have an AIDS-related theme.

Ms. Marci Egel is very open about her status and is passionate about educating the public as her license plate REDRIBON attests.