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Juli Grey-Owens decided to join Planning Council because as a transgender community advocate, she thinks it is important to make sure that the Planning Council has some form of transgender representation. 

​With a degree in Industrial Engineering and an MBA from Rutgers University, Juli worked in production and sales management for forty years before becoming a full-time transgender advocate. Now retired from the business world, Juli works full-time as the Executive Director of LITAC, the Long Island Transgender Advocacy Coalition, whose mission is to engage in education,


advocacy, and outreach in order to achieve public understanding and support for transgender, gender non-conforming /non-binary and intersex communities.

She was co-captain of her New Jersey high school football team and was selected for the All-County Football team her junior and senior years. Juli is very proud of her amazing daughter Sarah, who is extremely supportive of her advocacy work. Each week her daughter visits so that they can watch The Walking Dead together. Juli shares her life and passion for watching pro sports with her incredible wife Barbara, and their two cats, Fraidy and Sylvia.

Since her retirement from business, she has begun a reading project to better understand United States history. Starting with books on the exploration of the new world, she has since moved forward and is now entering the Jefferson presidential years, enjoying each book as she goes.

The fight against AIDS is so important because AIDS directly impacts her community. She feels that her energy and abilities should be used not only to pass anti-discrimination legislation, but also to help in the fight to eliminate AIDS.